How to Stop Chemicals From Killing Us

Chemicals have been shown to kill us at least 50 times faster than antibiotics and vaccines.

Now, a team of researchers from the University of Illinois and the University at Buffalo have found a way to prevent them. 

They’ve been able to kill more than 50% of the bacteria that infect human cells and kill the cells with a single shot. 

“Theoretically, the bacteria can be killed without a lot of effort by simply taking out a single molecule of bacteria,” says lead author and chemical engineering professor James A. McArthur, who is also a researcher in the University’s College of Engineering and Applied Science.

“This is the first time that’s been shown, in a single experiment, that we can kill bacteria with a drug.”

McArthur’s research was published in the journal Science on Tuesday.

In addition to his own work, the University is also partnering with the pharmaceutical company Amgen to develop a vaccine to prevent or treat certain bacteria infections.

“This is an exciting step forward,” says McArthur.

“It shows that you can actually get a really robust and effective vaccine out of the simple molecules we have available.”

McAyers research focuses on the interactions between a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a type of bacteria found in the intestines of humans and animals.

The researchers wanted to see how a single drug might help kill the bacteria without damaging other cells. 

The researchers created a vaccine using the drug ketamine, which is a potent but non-toxic hallucinogen. 

Bacteria can’t be killed with drugs like ketamine alone.

They can be destroyed by a combination of antibiotics, viruses and other drugs, which McArthur explains is what’s been done in previous studies.

“It was difficult to isolate the drug that was most effective, and that’s the ketamine drug,” he says.

“The other drug that we had that had the highest efficacy was a mixture of ketamine and antibiotics, but the antibiotics killed about 75% of Pseudonomas, which makes sense.

Ketamine was effective in killing bacteria that have been previously killed by antibiotics, so it’s an effective combination.”

McArthys research team took a group of Pseudo-ammonia-producing Pseudomonas from a petri dish and put them in a dish where they could infect the cells.

After the drugs were administered to the cells, they were able to take out most of the Pseudobacteria.

The researchers also found that the ketamine drug did not work well against PseudomeoB, which was one of the most common Pseudomycoses found in hospitals and hospitals.

They figured out that Pseudomeromonus is resistant to ketamine drugs, so they used the ketaminergic drug ketoprofen instead.

“We used a mixture that had ketamine on top, and it worked better than antibiotics.

It did a lot better than the ketoprotectant,” says McArthur. 

When researchers were able the Pseudo B strain to be killed, they noticed that they were also able to completely kill the Pseudeomycosis, Pseudodeyme, a bacteria that grows on the inside of the intestine and has a tendency to grow on bacteria in the colon.

The team then found that there was a synergy between the two.

When one strain of Pseudeomon was killed, the other was also killed, but at much higher rates.

“There’s a synergy that happens between the bacteria and the drugs and the drug and the bacteria is killed,” McArthur says.

“That was very interesting to see.” 

The team is also working on developing a drug that will also kill PseudOMonas.

They’re currently working on finding a drug to prevent the bacteria from growing on humans.

Scientists at the University have also found a drug called K-2-P which is not a drug, but rather an enzyme that works in tandem with antibiotics to kill PseudoMons.

The team is currently looking into the use of the drug in humans.


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