Metalworkers take over steel mills as workers say job losses are inevitable

Steel mills have been shut down across Britain in recent years as the UK economy struggles to recover from the financial crisis.

Now some workers are taking over the job.

The Industrial Workers of the World, a group representing steel workers, said it is not the first time the UK steel industry has suffered.

In the past decade, it has lost almost half of its workforce, including about a third of its metallurgy staff.

Some workers say the closures have already cost jobs.

“The jobs are not coming back,” said Dave Lewis, a steel worker from Southall, in Yorkshire.

“There’s nothing left to do but try to make ends meet on what we have.”

I’ve seen it, and I’ve been here for 25 years now.

It’s been terrible.

“There have been a series of strikes and protests by steelworkers, who say the industrial strategy of British steel mills to keep production down and make a profit through layoffs is being undermined by a rise in the cost of making steel.

The government has pledged to raise steel production by 8.5% this year, but many industry experts say that is only going to bring about a further rise in costs, leading to even higher unemployment.

Workers say they are being asked to pay higher prices for their products because they cannot afford the higher prices they would otherwise pay.

What can I do? “

I’ve had to go to court in the past and pay a court costs of up to £5,000 to defend myself from a union,” said Lewis.

“What can I do?

I don’t know.”

One of the reasons why the government has been reluctant to raise wages is the high cost of the steel needed to make the equipment.

The UK’s steel industry is so heavily subsidized by the government that it is almost impossible to get more steel to meet the country’s industrial demand.

“We’re not talking about cheap steel,” said Peter MacGregor, a professor of engineering at Oxford University.

“There are some very expensive steel-making equipment used to make steel.

If you look at the price per tonne of steel you are looking at about £1,000 for a tonne, which is quite high.”

A lot of that is not made in the UK.

There are very few suppliers and the cost is so high.””

If they want to increase wages, they have to look at what’s available to them and what is affordable for them.

“Steel has been a big contributor to the UK’s economy, but the government said it would increase production in 2017.

But the British Steel Federation says it has no control over the cost and the government must be willing to invest in infrastructure to support the industry.”

British steel is in a very precarious position,” said David Evans, the union’s secretary general.”

When you have a crisis like this, when the pound is falling and you have the pound falling against the euro, you can’t just have the government just do nothing.

“You need a robust economic recovery, a recovery that is sustainable, to keep steel making viable.”

If the government does nothing it will be a disaster for the steel industry.


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