A US judge has granted the company with the world’s most advanced steel-milling operation, SteelMetallurgical Co. Ltd., permission to begin selling its product to the military

US District Judge George Gershwin of the District of Columbia on Thursday granted permission for the company to begin sales of a military-grade alloy that has been used in military gear. 

A federal judge in Virginia earlier this year had blocked the sale of the alloy, known as Q-grade steel, but the appeals court in Washington had not ruled on the case.

Gershweyn issued a preliminary injunction order barring SteelMetal from selling the alloy to anyone who had previously purchased steel products from SteelMetals and from any new customers. 

SteelMetall has been working to obtain a patent on the alloy.

The company’s president, Michael Gershiweyn, said Thursday that he believes he has found a “very important” way to use the metal.

“It’s a product that’s extremely useful for the military.

I don’t want to go into specifics about it,” he said in a telephone interview.

“We’re working to make it available to the public.”

Gershiwin said that the order is intended to protect the military’s interest in the military-strength steel and is not intended to hinder other military use. 

The company said in court filings that it has received assurances that the alloy will be safe to use in military-quality products and that it is not required to prove its safety. 

In a statement, the company said it plans to begin the process of selling the Q-Grade steel to military customers in 2018.

“We look forward to opening up a pipeline of Q-grades to military and civilian customers,” the statement said.

The steel is one of several metal components that SteelMet alloys have been found to be highly sensitive to environmental contamination, including cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. 

Gershawn, who also serves as chairman of the National Steel Association, said in the statement that he believed the decision was “very reasonable.” 

“This is the type of product that is needed for the future of our nation and military,” he added.


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