A new wave of steel mills has been born in Wisconsin

A new era of steelmaking has opened up for Wisconsin’s metallurgy industry.

It’s the same era in which Wisconsin steel mills have been forced to expand and shift from high-tech machinery to high-wage machines and from low-tech to high tech.

As a result, steel production in Wisconsin has doubled in the last three decades, while the state’s workforce has decreased by more than half.

A new generation of steelmakers is bringing back a high-paying and high-quality jobs, as well as a new generation that is being forced to relocate to the Midwest.

And as they have for the past three decades and are doing it for the next three, Wisconsin’s industry is expanding again.

For Wisconsin’s steelworkers, this is a golden opportunity to stay in the Midwest and to create more jobs and better pay, as the state continues to diversify.

This story was produced by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, with assistance from the National Resources Defense Council.


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