Steel metallurgy and copper mining companies meet in New Delhi

The metallurgical industry has come under fire in recent weeks for its links to steel mining, with a spate of incidents in the past few weeks leading to protests and violence in several states.

The metallographic engineering and chemical industries, which account for more than 70% of the total metallurist workforce, have been grappling with the issue, with several mines having been shut down in the last few weeks.

In the last two weeks alone, several mines have been shuttered due to toxic gas and toxic chemicals, as well as the release of hazardous waste, according to a report by the Centre for Science and Environment.

On Thursday, a meeting of the Indian metallography industry was held in New York.

Metallurgical industries in the United States and Europe have faced similar concerns, with some mines shutting down due to contamination of soil and water, while others have been cited for pollution and other issues.

The US government has also accused the industry of failing to adhere to stringent environmental rules and policies.

“We are working to develop a solution, to prevent future incidents like this, and we will continue to do so,” the steel ministry told The Associated Press in an emailed statement.

The meeting, which was called to discuss “the development of a common strategy and mechanism for controlling the environmental impact of metallogenic pollution,” took place as part of the annual Global Metallurgical Summit.

The industry, which is a major player in the global metallograss industry, is one of the few industries that has received an industry-wide funding plan, aimed at improving their environmental practices.

The metas is a class of metas, which are usually made up of metal components made of copper, lead, zinc and iron.

It is a group of metalworking, metalloplastics and chemical companies that are often used in the steel, copper and aluminum industries, and which produce more than a quarter of the world’s metallothinurgical output.


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