Which metal is most common in industrial coke?

Metal composition of industrial cokelite, which is mined in northern England, is largely influenced by its alloy composition, according to research.

It is composed of several metals that are typically found in coal and coal ash, but there are also metals found in copper, zinc, and manganese, which are rare and found in less-common metals such as lead.

Metallurgical COKE steel is made by reacting a mixture of two metals with oxygen and a nitrogen-containing catalyst to form a highly resistant alloy.

In industrial cokes, the metals are mixed with hydrogen gas and then heated to create an extremely thin layer of carbon dioxide.

The heat makes the coke more brittle and reduces its toughness.

Researchers say that industrial cokke is a common and safe ingredient in commercial products, but that there is an increasing demand for COKE in the commercial mining industry.


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