Steel-makers raise prices on COVID-19 COVID treatments

Steel-maker Metallurgic Infuser Co. says it will raise its prices on two new COVID treatment products to $13 per kilogram by the end of the year.

The company said the price hike is the result of its ongoing efforts to reduce COVID costs.

The cost of the treatment will rise from $8.90 per kilo on Jan. 1 to $14.90 on Feb. 1.

The price hike will apply to the COVID Treatment and COVID Vaccine Co., the company said in a statement.

The new pricing applies to the two products, which Metallurgi is launching as part of a pilot program.

The costs of the two treatments are expected to be around $2,500 a year.

It was not immediately clear how many of the treatments would be offered at the higher price.

In a statement, Metallurgac said the prices would help the company achieve its goal of increasing sales of its COVID Prevention and COIDS Vaccine by 15%.

“The company believes that the price increase will allow us to provide the quality, value, and comfort we believe is essential to keep the company on the right path,” Metallurga said.

In November, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that the U-M Hospitals of North America was the first hospital in the country to offer COVID prevention and treatment.


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