What you need to know about steel metals infuser

It’s hard to imagine steel that’s the size of a tennis ball making it through the air without breaking.

But that’s exactly what’s happening with the new metal infuser for the International Thermoplastic Industry, or ITER.

ITER is the first major industrial facility to use ITER’s new high-strength steel-infusing process, and it’s one of the key innovations for the new facility, which is slated to open in 2021.

“We are the only industrial facility in the world with an infuser made entirely from steel,” ITER chief operating officer David Legg said in a statement.

“It is the only steel infuser that is made from this material.

The ITER infuser is made of a material that is highly heat-resistant, lightweight, and safe for the workers who are required to use it.

The material also reduces the amount of steel waste in the facility.”

The steel-filled infuser was developed in partnership with a partner company, and ITER plans to use the material to infuse new infusions into the existing steel fabrication equipment at the facility, according to a press release from the company.ITER says the infuser will make the steel infusers stronger, more resistant to temperature changes, and more environmentally friendly than traditional infusions, and the company is also making it easier for workers to access the steel.

The infuser has two main functions: 1) it allows the infusers to easily connect to the steel, and 2) it can be used to inflate the steel by inflating the infusing chamber with a mixture of air, water, and a high-pressure liquid.

It’s a process that’s been used for over a decade now, with the ITER process being used to increase the strength of steel, but this is the largest infuser ever built by ITER to date.

“Infusing the steel is a high heat-conductive material, and we’re really excited about it,” said Legg.

“The infusing is a new high strength material, which means the infused steel will last longer and withstand greater temperature changes.

This means that we can infuse the steel without breaking, which makes it much safer for the environment.”

According to ITER, the infusions will be used at the International Iron & Steel Infusion Plant, which will also house the world’s largest ITER manufacturing facility.

IET is slated for construction in 2021, and according to IET’s press release, the company will work to ensure that the steel infusion process will continue uninterrupted for the duration of the facility’s operation.


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