When Will Steel Workers Strike?

Steelworkers are going on strike in the U.S. as a protest against President Donald Trump’s policies.

The National Steelworkers Union (NSTU) said it’s calling on steelworkers to picket in cities around the country, as well as a large portion of the U,S.

steel industry, to demand that the administration lift its protectionist trade policies and bring back jobs.

The union also says the U-turns in trade policies have led to thousands of jobs losing their jobs, including some that have been on line for years, including those at the Steel Works of the Pacific Northwest, where Trump said the U is no longer an export destination for steel.

The steel industry has been losing jobs for years under Trump’s administration.

In the past two months alone, it lost 1,500 jobs, according to data from the Federal Reserve.

The strike will be the latest in a series of protests against Trump’s policy.

Earlier this month, steelworkers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, voted to unionize.

In Detroit, Michigan, workers are going out on strike after Trump ordered his Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to delay construction of a $1.5 billion tunnel to connect the Uampqua Mine with a pipeline.

And in South Carolina, workers will be on strike on Sunday as part of the ongoing campaign against the death of the state’s former Democratic governor, Nikki Haley.

The NSTU is one of several groups calling for a “national day of action” on Jan. 31 to mark the day when the UAW was granted the right to organize, in a move that was hailed by the union.

The Steel Workers Union has also called for a national day of work on Thursday, with the union demanding that Congress pass a “Day Without Immigrants” resolution to end the administration’s “illegal immigration” policies.

“We cannot allow Trump to continue to abuse his powers to crush workers and businesses across the country,” NSTB President John Callahan said in a statement.

“The NSTE is a union of 1.4 million steelworkers who will not be silenced, we will not back down.

The National Steel Workers Unions is prepared to stand up and fight for the rights of all working people.”


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