How to remove the smoky smog from your football pitch

Steel-infused steel infusers are now part of the new look of the Italian football pitch. 

As seen on the front of the jersey, the SteelInfuser is a new way of infusing steel with smoke. 

It’s made from carbon steel and comes in two styles, one which is the traditional steel and one which uses a synthetic blend of carbon and carbon monoxide. 

For those that are not fans of the smell of carbon monane, there are other options for a carbon steel infuser, such as the CarbonInfuser which uses the same technology as the steel-infusing infuser.

The steel-containing infuser is available in two different colours, black and white.

The carbon steel-filled infuser also has a design similar to the one seen on this year’s jersey, with the Steel Infuser coming in a number of colours.

The SteelInfused Infuser can also be used in a variety of ways.

The SteelInfusion infuser can be used to infuse the ball, as it can also infuse it with the energy of the ball and give it the smokiness that football fans have been looking for.

The stainless steel infusing infusers can be filled with the carbon steel which will then burn off and create smoke.

The infuser’s design is also unique to the Italian national team, with a white shield with the words “Italy” and “Italy Football” above it.

The shield is also made of carbon steel.

The CarbonInfusion Infuser comes in a range of sizes and colours.

It comes with a steel bowl and two stainless steel bowls that can be placed in the player’s boots.

The bowls are carbon steel, and have a carbon blade, which is similar to what you see in footballs goal.

The InfusedInfuser can infuse a ball with energy from the ball’s body and can even be used as a substitute for the ball when it comes time to kick the ball.


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