How to save your money on steel after the Fukushima disaster

New Zealand steel industry has suffered from a high-pressure manufacturing process, resulting in a high rate of infuse-in failure, which is reducing the quality of the steel that’s being produced.

The industry has reported that it has experienced around 50,000 infusions of metallurgy steel since the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The infusions are used in making the steel in steel mills in Japan, where there are concerns over radiation exposure, as well as in the manufacturing of many other types of steel.

The government’s Nuclear and Radiological Protection Agency has reported more than 7,000 nuclear-related injuries and radiation exposures among New Zealanders.

New Zealand’s government has promised to spend up to $200 million over the next two years to help prevent the spread of radiation-related cancers and diseases, while also ensuring the country’s industry has a safe and sustainable supply of steel in the future.


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