How to prepare for the metal industry’s next wave of cyberattack

A new wave of computer and network attacks has been launched against industrial companies worldwide, including one targeting steel, according to industry sources.

The cyberattackers have targeted companies and financial institutions across the globe.

In Europe, some companies are being targeted by cybercriminals who are using a variety of malware to steal data and steal money, industry experts said. 

According to sources, the attacks have been carried out by “cyber criminals who have been trying to steal a large amount of money,” according to the Wall Street Journal. 

The cybercriminally attacking the industry’s financial institutions are targeting businesses that use the most advanced technologies, such as cyber security and advanced data analytics, and companies that rely on the high-technology manufacturing and manufacturing facilities, according to sources. 

A number of banks and financial companies, including some of the biggest in Europe, have reported that the cyber attacks are a continuation of the recent cyber attacks on their networks. 

“The attacks are ongoing.

There are some attacks that are ongoing that are aimed at banks, some attacks targeting other industries, but we have not been able to get confirmation from any of those banks as of yet,” a financial services executive told the WSJ. 

In the case of steel, the cyberattack is taking place against companies that make products that are used in steelmaking, such and steel mill equipment, the WSZ reports. 

As for the industrial companies themselves, the attackers have targeted the largest companies in the world, including steel, aluminum, cement, and plastic. 

On Thursday, the US Justice Department announced charges against the attackers who are believed to be connected to the LulzSec hacker collective, which recently claimed responsibility for the attacks on Sony Pictures and other companies, the Associated Press reports.


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